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I Wayan Sudarna Putra: The Unsung Hero

I Wayan Sudarna Putra: The Unsung HeroI Wayan 'Nano' Sudarna Putra is a typical artist who is never satisfied. He likes trying to find new things. Up to this point he admits that he is still studying, for there are many things that need to be learned. For him life is a process that must be carried out with experience.

Learning does not know a final word just like the activity of sweeping, which will be done non-stop because every day trash will continue to appear. Those are the words of the elders that are planted in his thoughts.

In his first solo exhibition since returning to live in Bali, Nano gives rise to a fresher soul and consciousness. The surfaces of his canvases feel very deep. With technical strength that is direct and mature in concept, his works have become very interesting when explored by admirers. Faces are visible with various expressions in monochromatic colors as central figures; he uses his own face as the object that sometimes can be seen peering from behind the masks that he wears. In other compositions he shows the joy of playing with marionettes.

It is as if he is convinced that his act of returning home is sincere; this is a sign that his works will never lose their vitality. Meanwhile in another series of paintings, Nano's face looks serious while he is transforming cardboard into various playthings. Acting like a small child, Nano's hands skillfully manipulate sheets of cardboard to change them into a toy car, superhero Batman mask, or telescope which he peers out from before his eye. Suddenly in another work, he points a cardboard pistol at his own head. Nano admits that this was inspired by the children's world of playing a kind of reality. "Only in their world are they able to kill Superman," he notes.

Returning to his own context of the self, the final piece in this series shows his desire to praise God for the victory in the truth of 'pronouncing the winner' in one's own self, and that 'the enemy' actually is also within oneself, not someone else.


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