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Putu Sudiana, Ying - Yang, acrylic on canvas, 200x300cm


Putu Bonuz ó that is the nickname of Putu Sudiana, an exceptionally talented artist from the island of Nusa Penida, just off Baliís southeast coast. He was born in Banjar Batumulapan, Nusa Penida, Klungkung on 30 Desember 1972. Because the island is poor and isolated, it is rare to find painters in Nusa Penida. Bonuz left for mainland Bali when he was old enough to attend the high school Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan, where he specialized in fine arts. In 1995 he continued his education at the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) in Denpasar and graduated in 2002.

Nusa Penida is arid and barren, and most of the inhabitants work as fishermen and farmers. People struggle to meet the needs of everyday life. These harsh conditions have forged the character of the people, who are resolute and inventive in adjusting to the severe natural environment. Bonuz first exercised his talent by painting boats in Nusa Penida. A tough childhood exerts an influence on the character of his lines and brushstrokes.

Bonuz follows a path between ritual and obsessive inner activity. In accordance with the legacy of the Hindu-Bali tradition, Bonuz became a pamangku, a priest and leader of ritual, in his familyís clan temple; he also cultivates his own inner spiritual path through physical and mental exercises. His intuition plays between the desire to seek answers to questions about the divine and a view of the natural world as the foundation of the divine. Divinity is to be sought in the world we walk in.

In his visual works, color and composition occur spontaneously, achieved by an exploration of the imaginary space in the work. Its emotional content, in the sense of the condition of the mind, becomes dominant. It is an abstraction of spatial images of the universe. This is no attempt to represent a photographic impression of reality, because the emphasis is an acceleration of the obsession with divinity. The response to this obsession is found in the phenomena of the universe; there seems to be a dialogue between what is visual and what is felt.

In the abstract painting of Putu Bonuz there is a strong understanding of the meaning and symbols of color, and it usually concerns the spiritual. His exploration of the colors of the bodyís chakras, such as black, red, white, yellow, blue, reflects a meditative level in his art, open to the interpretation of the viewer.

As a son of Nusa Penida, Putu Bonuz feels called to give something back to the land of his birth, and he has carried out a number initiatives to express his love for the island. This is reflected in working with artists on the Nusa Penida beaches of Atuh and Toye Pakeh. He has held workshops for Nusa Penida students as well as video showings of his work. He is also working on a project with the theme 'Nusa Penida Not for Sale'. This is a form of contribution and at the same time a message to the younger generation with talent that they have room to work and a path to follow by sharing openly.


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