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I Nengah Sujena, Sedia Payung Sebelum Hujan, 2011, 180x145cm

I Nengah Sujena

I Nengah Sujena, generally called Nengah, is an artist who was born and grew up in the farming country of the region of Bangli, in central Bali. He was born on 21 January 1976. Although he comes from fertile agricultural lands, Nengah decided to find his way in art, following the example of his grandfather, who was a sculptor.

Many of the works of Nengah Sujena in the period before and early 2000s feature themes that are light-hearted, depicting the world around him. One example is two buskers playing music in a festive party atmosphere with many figures. But some of his work appears to reflect an inner mood. Nengah uses dark, cold colors, which imply depth and interiority. On the canvas, there are a number of figures or figures made with stylized shapes, bent, curved. There is also a very strong ornamental tendency, such as a repetition of patterns and shapes, presenting lines and spots that create a decorative effect on the figures

Nengah continues to dig deeper into themes from his own inner life. He says there are no political messages in his work. He wants only to bring forth the sounds of his heart. He uses a number of signs as a visual language for example, green leaves on the lips of a white figure blocked with a black background, or a leaf over the head of an elephant. The forms displayed on the field of the canvas are very simple and look increasingly minimalist. One could even say his work is leading to the abstract. He admits that his art is a meditative medium to treat various inner problems, as if he has a dialogue with his conscience. In 2012 he held his second solo exhibition, Love and Peace, in Tobin Ohashi Gallery in Tokyo

Although Nengah Sujena is a Balinese artist, his works show nothing of the characteristics of Balinese art. He has worked to free himself from the forms that identify his work as Balinese.

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