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I Wayan Sujana (Suklu) Comes Home to Komaneka Gallery

On 9 September 2016, Komaneka Fine Art Gallery, one of Ubud’s foremost dealers of contemporary Indonesian art, will open an exhibition of the work of the artist I Wayan Sujana, better known as Sukla, in the second of a series of exhibitions entitled Coming Home.

The Coming Home series shows the work of local artists who first joined the Komaneka gallery in the 1990s when they were still young, and have since gone on to gain international recognition. In this sense, their return to Komaneka Fine Art Gallery is a kind of homecoming, a return to their roots.

The series is an excellent opportunity for collectors to find valuable works of local artists who have become important names in the Indonesian art world.

I Wayan Sujana was born in 1967 and raised among farmers in Klungkung, Bali. He attended the Indonesian Art High School (SMSR) in Denpasar, and then worked as an interior and graphic designer. From 1992 to1997 he attended the Denpasar Academy of Art, now the Indonesian Institute of Arts (ISI), where he has been a lecturer since 2000.

Early in his painting, Suklu began to deal with the trauma of his mother having left when he was a child, resulting in a preoccupation with the subject of ‘woman’ and the predominance of the female figure in his work. His later works, particularly since 1997, have given way to visual artworks that employ repetitive forms. He has also developed workshops that encourage participants to create with three-dimensional objects such as bamboo and discarded paperback books. His solo exhibition The Sun in Nepal was held in Komaneka Fine Arts Gallery in 2004.

In this exhibition, Suklu’s paintings employ a somber palette with a strategic use of violent color. The works show figures submerged in abstract fields, where color is massed like a brewing storm.

The exhibition will run through 9 October 2016.

I Wayan Sujana (Suklu) art works on Komaneka Fine Art Gallery.


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