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Every year, Komaneka Fine Art Gallery in Ubud holds an exhibition of the work of top local artists. This year Komaneka Fine Art Gallery will hold two exhibitions with theme 'Coming Home' -- the first of a series of exhibitions of the same name presenting the work of artists who were exhibited at Komaneka Art Gallery when they were up-and-coming artists.

Komaneka was a sort of birthplace for these emerging artists. Afterwards they were free to develop themselves and venture out into the world, becoming successful artists in their own right.

This exhibition celebrates the recent work of two Balinese artists -- I Wayan Sujana (Suklu) and I Nyoman Sujana (Kenyem) -- who came into the fold of Komaneka Gallery in the 1990s when they were young men and who have since matured to international recognition. In this sense, the exhibition is a kind of homecoming, a symbolic journey back to their roots, back to the place where they were born as artists -- bringing their new art to a place they called home.

The exhibition of Kenyem runs from 6 August to 6 September; Suklu from 9 September to 9 October 2016.

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I Nyoman Sujana (Kenyem)

I Nyoman Sujana (Kenyem) was born in Sayan, Ubud, Bali in 1972. He is one of few native painters of the Ubud area to have been able to distance themselves from the constraints of the local painting tradition. Like almost all the youth from his village, Kenyem was first trained as a painter with the Young Artists naïf tradition of nearby Penestanan. There he learned the repetitive patterns imposed by that convention. Later, after attending the Indonesian Art High School (SMSR) in Ubud, and the Indonesian Art Institute (STSI) in Denpasar (1992–1998), he shifted to abstraction. Kenyem’s work then developed into a discourse about the place of human beings in nature. In 1999 he exhibited at the Komaneka gallery with Mahendra Mangku and Nyoman Masradi. In 2011 he had a solo show there, called The Bicycle Diaries.

Kenyem works in a meticulously detailed manner, often with calligraphic fields. Iconic to his paintings are small androgynous figures that appear to be dancing. Trees and especially leaves are a recurrent visual motif, as are large hovering rocks. Everything is carefully shadowed to give the impression of floating.

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