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We proudly pronounce that Komaneka Fine Art Gallery has been chosen to be one of the venues for Summit Event Bali Biennale 2005 that will be taken place in 26 November 2005 - 4 January 2006.

One of the invited artists for this Biennale, Pande Ketut Taman, had been worked for more than three weeks to build 16 meters long site-specific installation. Made from bamboo and rice straw for the construction base, and rice flour puppet attached on its top, this installation heavily reflected Balinese communal spirit. There are 20 young men and women from village of Pande in Peliatan helping Taman in building the installation that called "Touching the Sky". Small puppets made from rice flour are usually appear as decoration for Balinese traditional wedding and assembled together to create a grand image of life.

In this installation, the image of life (called Sarad in Balinese) is transformed in the shape of the base that is wide in the bottom and narrowed to the top. The colors of those puppets that are vary and contrast in the bottom, slowly reduced in the middle of the structure, and simply using white and a bit of yellow by the end of the structure, to show that puppets who manage to touch the sky are holy men with pure heart and mind.


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