Gate III
Gate III (2005)
Media : Acrylic On Canvas
Size : 100X100cm
Status : SOLD


Ketut Suwidiarta
I Ketut Suwidiarta was born in Bongkasa, Badung, Bali on 24 November 1976 and had just finished his study on Fine Arts Faculty of Indonesian Art Institute in Jogja. After finishing High School in Denpasar, Suwidiarta studied Japanese for a year. In 1998, he moved to Jogja and there his artistic exploration begun. He was living in Gunarsa's house in Jogja while sketching and drawing Simbok Nah, the servant at the house. That's when he was painted the bloated and dwarfed bodies. In the recent years, Suwidiarta's works are far more contemplative and universal in concept as he started the series in which Buddha's figure appeared. His works are full with mockery and irony on people's life, with a shifting to spiritual issues. I Ketut Suwidiarta currently lives and works in Jogja

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