Kalut (2004)
Media : Acrylic on canvas
Size : 80X50cm


Nyoman Erawan
I Nyoman Erawan was born in 1958 into a community of artists and performers in Dlodtangluk, a part of the town of Sukawati in Gianyar, Bali. From an early age, Erawan absorbed art, culture, and ritual into his daily life. His father, a former village headman, is familiar with Balinese and old Javanese literature, while his mother produces gold-leafed clothes for religious ceremonies. After finishing junior high school in Sukawati, he continued his education at the Fine Art High School in Denpasar, then went on to the Indonesian Fine Art Academy (now Indonesian Arts Institute) in Yogyakarta, where he majored in painting. While he was a student, he never was far from the art world. He was active in experimental theater and Sanggar Dewata Indonesia artistsí group in Yogyakarta

Cahaya di Tengah Kalut Tapak Dara Putih II Bulan Melingkar Geram


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